The program includes setting the sails with an explanation

The program includes setting the sails with an explanation

Manners, style and, above all, understatement – these are the qualities that characterize a gentleman. A man of the world remains calm in every situation. Gentleman Jack sends six applicants to an exclusive gentleman training session to convey the true demeanor of a gentleman. You can now win a place for the exclusive training at

At the exclusive gentleman training in Frankfurt you will get a taste of the mild gentleman Jack and learn how to master a 13-course menu in style. But one thing at a time: Gentleman Jack invites six winners to Frankfurt., the new lifestyle and luxury portal for men of the world, will give you one place. In the Main metropolis, all candidates will initially be accommodated in the trendy designer hotel Roomers. Then you will have lunch in one of the popular scene bars in the banking city and you will learn how nobody can look your cards during a poker training session. The first day ends with an exclusive 13-course menu in the pink Silk Restaurant. >>

In a relaxed lounge atmosphere, you will get the perfect feeling of bringing etiquette and easy going under one roof in a playful way.

Fly an A 300

On the second day on the way to perfection it is time to “accelerate”. Gentleman Jack leaves you behind the wheel of a luxurious sports car and in the Lufthansa training center you fly a virtual Airbus A 300. Pure adrenaline is guaranteed. For the right grip on the gas pedal, of course, the shoes have to be in top shape – so all style aspirants learn how a professional shines their shoes. The true gentleman knows: the devil is often in the details.

Whiskey in the Grand Hotel After these exams, the chosen ones can go to the whiskey tasting in the Schlosshotel Kronberg to end the successful day in style like a true gentleman. Imperial luxury awaits you before the return flight is announced the next morning. Jack Daniel was already a gentleman

Role model Jack Daniel was a true gentleman who naturally appreciated a good wine.

In a small town in Tennessee he founded his distillery in 1866, which later became the first distillery to be entered in the US commercial register.

A special process for the Tennessee Whiskey One reason for the success was the taste: Jack Daniel built his distillery directly at a limestone spring, which still delivers completely iron-free water today. By the way, the statue of the founder watches over the cave. Jack Daniel’s also patented a process called “Charcoal Mellowing”. For twelve days the whiskey flows drop by drop onto a three-meter-thick pile. The charcoal of the sugar maple sucks undesirable aromas out of the liquor. Gentleman Jack: particularly mild

The whiskey is then filled into internally roasted oak barrels – this caramelises the natural sugar in the wood. This gives the whiskey a special aroma. The barrels are stored in so-called “barrel houses” for at least four years. The testers alone decide when the potion is ready – and that’s back to the gentleman topic: Gentleman Jack whiskey goes through the charcoal filter twice. Once before maturing in the barrel and again afterwards. It is therefore particularly mild and the only whiskey in the world that is double-filtered through charcoal. If you feel like more, apply here for the place advertised by The effort is worth it, because the value of the training is around 4,000 euros. If it doesn’t work, we have a little consolation ready: We will donate a bottle of Gentleman Jack each for five applicants who do not make it to Frankfurt. Apply now!

Conditions of participation: Special conditions of participation apply to participation in gentleman training with The application deadline is October 30, 2011. Participation takes place to the exclusion of legal Employees of Deutsche Telekom AG and the companies involved, as well as their relatives, are excluded from the competition. All those who have reached the age of 21 and are resident in Germany are eligible to participate. A cash payment of the prize is not possible; each participant can only take part once. Only correctly completed forms will be included in the selection process. The winners will be notified in writing.

In addition to wonderful cities, Baltic cruises lure in summer with another highlight: endless sunrises and sunsets on deck. A sailing ship is probably the most elegant means of transportation. It starts with the majestic Lady “Sea Cloud II” in Kiel, on to Sweden and Estonia to the brilliant climax: Russia.

The “Sea Cloud II”

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“It might take some time!” Says a fellow traveler at the sundowner on the third evening. A cherished ritual that is practiced on this Baltic Sea trip after an extended dinner. The guest who utters this sentence half admiringly, half shaken, is an experienced crusader – in the Caribbean. “There it goes in no time. One drink and the sun is gone,” he explains and looks irritated first into his empty glass and then at the sun, which has been touching the horizon for a while but makes no serious effort to shorten its appearance.

Welcome to the White Nights!

No one noticed this phenomenon on the first evening. The Neva metropolis of St.Petersburg is now coming to life – the night owls celebrate in the orange light of the night.

However, the “Sea Cloud II” is still firmly moored at the Ostseekai in Kiel. It is known to sailing fans from the Kiel Week. Which in turn is famous for its tall ship parade: During this magnificent spectacle, hundreds of sailing ships of all sizes sail across the fjord. After a good two hours, around the level of the Baltic Sea resort of Laboe, most of the ships turn around again.

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Unfortunately, there is too often bad weather here with occasional drizzle. Then better fix in the bunk. The next morning the world is bathed in “50 shades of gray”. There is hardly a difference to be made out between the sea and the sky; the Baltic Sea is lead-gray, oily and, above all, completely smooth as a mirror.

Setting sails for beginners

Not the optimal conditions for a sailing ship, but the first officer Kathryn Whittaker does not spoil the mood. The program includes setting the sails with an explanation. And because there is nothing else to do and no one in cheeky gusts or the like

Having to watch out for adversity, she has every single sail pulled up, introduces them by name and tells Schwänke about her time as a sailor.

When the “Sea Cloud II” finally shines completely in white, the sky miraculously tears open and the dreary gray gives way to perfect blue. Wind would be nice too, but everything probably won’t work. But at least the slack offers the rare chance for a photo safari around the ship. The Zodiacs are lowered, ten passengers are always packed into a rubber dinghy and off we go to the majestic lady with her magnificent, if slightly slack sails.

Stopovers on Gotland and Stockholm

After a good two days at sea, at the first stop in Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland, most guests’ urge to move is so great that they leave the ship immediately after mooring – be it to take part in the offered bike tour or the city tour or to open Stroll through the main town of Gotland on your own. Picturesque Pippi Longstocking houses alternate with mighty ruins, all surrounded by a 3.6 kilometer long, well-preserved city wall. Gotland is known for its gray, curly sheep, and so several skins board the “Sea Cloud” after a few hours. A first magical night lies ahead of the travelers. The course goes north and the sun shows more and more stamina. It is not for nothing that the longest days of the year in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries are particularly wild and exciting. A lot is obviously possible when the twilight becomes endless. However, getting up early the next morning is not rewarded. The drive through the archipelago to Stockholm is mostly gray and damp. But at least there is the unique chance to run the brand new Friesennerz. Most of the time, however, laid over the arm, because after all, the sun also prevails in the Swedish metropolis. Instead of the Wasa Museum and city tour

the day can also be wonderfully spent in the Abba Museum and on extensive forays through Djurgarden, Östermalm and Gamla Stan. The “Sea Cloud II” lies in the harbor overnight, so you could actually dine in one of the many restaurants on the waterfront. Or would you prefer to be “at home” on deck with a BBQ and let the evening sun shine on you? This night is so beautiful, it should be spent outside. But even when lying on the sundeck, wrapped in three thick blankets, cold and moisture creep into your bones. One last look at the play of light over the city and then off to a warm bed. You can stay longer in Stockholm, but goodbyes come quickly on cruises. The four-hour trip through the countless islands of the archipelago makes up for a lot. Some passengers seem to be planning their next investment – a private island with a hut on it would be a nice holiday alternative. Even if a little more expensive than the sailing cruise: 14 nights on the “Sea Cloud II” cost from 6195 euros per person.

Via Tallin to St. Petersburg

The next evening the sun has to share the ahs and ohs with the full moon, which dominates the other half of the sky, huge and cool. If you look to port (left), the sun sinks blood-red. If you look to starboard, the moon hangs there and watches over the bright night. Nobody wants to go to bed, it is quite mild and the natural spectacle has to be adequately admired. It’s smart who closes the portholes in the cabin with the steel flaps. You have to get a little sleep now and then. Especially since only hours later the Estonian capital is waiting to be explored. Tallinn can be fully explored on foot in three hours, which leaves enough time for a museum visit, shopping or a stop in one of the countless cafes and restaurants. In addition to the “Sea Cloud II” there are three big cruisers in the port, but the capital of Estonia is unimpressed. Most of the passengers are now looking forward to the highlight of the tour. St. Petersburg will end the trip to the White Nights furiously. But be careful: You need a visa for Russia. A visit to the tsarist city for the festival of festivals is particularly worthwhile Aliye Parusa (Purple sails): Then the high school graduates celebrate the start of life. And the whole Neva metropolis celebrates. See the “Sea Cloud II” in our photo show.

Are you a really tough guy already? And always looking for the next rush of adrenaline? Then these extreme trips are just right for you. Your knees are guaranteed to shudder when hiking over wooden beams that are just 30 centimeters wide at a height of 1000 meters. maintains a list of the toughest adventure trips. We introduce you to the ten craziest trips.

The ten hottest trips to hell

Photo series with 10 pictures

Highway of Death This route is a real challenge for downhill bikers: Despite extremely steep chasms and unpaved side edges, guard rails on the “Road of Death” in Bolivia are not there. Fog, rain, falling rocks or landslides make conditions difficult – and there is also oncoming traffic! Anyone who dares to venture out on the world’s most dangerous road cannot afford to take a wrong turn. It is best to book tours through a local provider. And don’t forget: check your brakes before you set off! Mountain tour on Mont Blanc

Icy temperatures, little oxygen and stinging winds at speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour – tours to the highest peak in the Alps push even professional mountaineers to their limits.

In addition, falling snow makes the tour a trip to hell. Despite the dangers, adventurers are not deterred, because pure thrills and a gigantic view at 4810 meters are waiting for them.

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Volcano bungee jumping

Normal bungee jumping experiences are enough for a decent adrenaline rush. But this tour in Chile is in a completely different league! The helicopter takes you to over 3000 meters to the active volcano Villarica on the Argentine border. Here the doors are opened, a short breath taken and then it goes in the direction of the seething lava mass. If everything goes well, the fatalities dangle 200 meters above the embers. But the fun is not over yet: The adventurers fly the 20 kilometers back to the landing site hanging on the rope.

Jet jet flight Fear of flying is out of place here! As soon as the jet jet takes off in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, your breath is caught when the passengers are pressed into their seats. The fighter jet has already catapulted the pilots to a height of 21 kilometers. However, the view of the curvature of the earth can hardly be enjoyed, because the high-speed experience continues. After a few loops, rolls and rapid turns, the time has come: the guests take the wheel and chase the jet through the air, hiking on the abyss

Caution: risk of heart attack! Only 30 centimeters wide, half-decayed wooden beams – more badly than nailed together – lead along a rock face in the Huashan Mountains in China at a height of 1000 meters.

Not even a railing protects the dying from falling into the depths. Only an iron chain attached to the rock provides support. Anyone who dares the tour should definitely have a head for heights and bring a large portion of courage.