The more you put in the grill, the higher the temperature

The more you put in the grill, the higher the temperature

Incidentally, direct and indirect grilling can also be combined very well. You can get a juicy steak, for example, if you first expose it directly to the heat of the glowing coals and sear it. Then push the coals aside and close the lid so that it can cook through. This gives it a nice crust and still stays nice and juicy inside. If you don’t have a grill with a lid or hood, indirect grilling can also be done with aluminum foil: Sear it, push the coals on one side of the grill and place the steak on aluminum foil on the other side to cook it through. With a little practice, you will be able to make the best steak.

Even if you already know how to grill, a barbecue seminar is a good opportunity. In such a seminar you will learn new tricks and get to know the preparation in the open air. This creates opportunities for barbecue fans in particular to get to know completely new tastes while grilling.

Tips for a perfect barbecue

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Barbecue seminars aren’t just for beginners

Many fans of the charcoal fire do not like to be talked into their barbecue skills. But more and more people are realizing that they can learn something about grilling from professionals. Star chefs like Johann Lafer or Jamie Oliver like to use the grill to create new dishes. Even if you’ve been responsible for the steaks at home for years, you can learn a few tricks from these professionals. A barbecue seminar can be just the right place for this. (Smoker box: much more than just grilling)

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You have numerous options when grilling

In the seminar you will learn new recipes for marinades and alternatives for preparation. In addition to the usual steaks and sausages, you can also prepare vegetables, side dishes or desserts on the fire. You will also learn other types of preparation such as smoking or indirect grilling in such a course. Different types of meat, such as game or whole turkeys, also expand your options. (Barbecue charcoal: pay attention to the origin when buying)

Many grill fans will sooner or later think about buying a kettle grill, because the grills are extremely versatile: They can also grill large roasts, whole fish or chicken. This is made possible by the lid and two different cooking methods – the direct and the indirect method. Click here: Tips for grilling with the kettle grill.

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Ball grill: it cooks better with the lid

Most kettle grills are fired with briquettes or charcoal, but there are also models with gas.what can i do to help my community essay You can use it like an ordinary freestanding grill. The special thing about it, however, is the lid, which allows the heat to circulate around the grilled food. This is why kettle grills are also ideal for grilling large pieces of meat, such as chicken or roasts. The temperature in the grill is regulated with the help of the lid and the ventilation slots (advantages and disadvantages of different grills).

Ventilating the kettle grill has to be learned

Correct handling of the ventilation slots is usually the most difficult for beginners. The upper and lower ventilation slots must be fully open to fire. Only then is sufficient air supplied to the glowing coal. When grilling, the upper ventilation slide usually remains open, the temperature is then regulated with the lower slide on the kettle.

Lifestyle – proper grilling has to be learned


Proper grilling has to be learned

What you should definitely not do to your grilled food. to the video

Coal and ventilation affect the temperature

The further the lower slide is open, the more air comes into the coal. This makes it glow more violently and the heat in the grill increases. Do not lift the lid too often, you will lose heat every time. In addition, the temperature in the grill is controlled with the amount of briquettes or charcoal. The more you put in the grill, the higher the temperature. To stifle the embers, both ventilation slides are closed.

Direct grill method

With the direct grill method, the grilled food lies directly over the heat source. This method is suitable for all dishes that cook for less than 25 minutes. For example, sausages, steaks, fish fillets or boneless poultry pieces. To ensure that the food is cooked evenly, it should be turned once halfway through the cooking time.

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Grill indirectly on the kettle grill

With indirect grilling, the heat source (coal, briquettes) is not directly under the food, but to the side of it. Under the food, i.e. between the coals, there is an aluminum bowl filled with water. This also catches the dripping fat. The heat rises and circulates around the food. The closed lid supports the circulation. At the same time, the water evaporates and, when the grill lid is closed, surrounds the food on the grill as hot steam. This means that they hardly dry out on the outside. The indirect method is recommended for all dishes that have to cook for longer than 25 minutes, such as roasts, whole fish or large pieces of poultry. Even dishes that dry out or burn quickly with the direct method are grilled indirectly.

When a nice colleague or dear friend retires, take the opportunity to say goodbye to them on their retirement. Here are some tips for saying goodbye to you.

Tips for a happy retirement

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The right words at the start of retirement

If a colleague leaves the company after many years to retire, it is not always easy to find the right words to say goodbye to. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to write down the congratulations on retirement on a card. The farewell does not have to be impersonal: Simply hand over the card directly and wish the retiree all the best. Write on the card what you particularly liked about the person in question, where they will be missing in the future, what you wish them to be and that you will miss them.

It is especially nice if you make or design the card yourself. Perhaps include a photo of the workforce that the retiree can take with them as a nice souvenir.

If a celebration is planned to mark the farewell to the future retiree, you can include the special congratulations on retirement in a small speech.

Congratulations on retirement to colleagues

In the following, we would like to give you some suggestions on how you could formulate the message for your beloved colleague:

"Now that you are leaving us and can finally enjoy your retirement, we would like to thank you very much for your years of commitment. You have always been a helpful and attentive colleague to us, we could laugh and argue with you and will miss you here very much."Finally peace! We don’t mean the peace and quiet in front of you, but your well-deserved retirement, which you can now enjoy. We wish you a lot of joy with the newly gained time, thank you for all the years that you have stood by us, and we will all miss you very much."You have achieved a lot during your long working life. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. We send you the best congratulations on your retirement and say goodbye with one laughing and one crying eye. All the best!"We are happy with you that you now have a lot more time for family, travel and hobbies. As we know you, you, our beloved and active colleague, will never get bored: Your enthusiasm, your joy and the fun you show in all things: All of this will be for us in our team very missing!"I wish you all the best for your retirement and thank you very much for the many years of successful cooperation with me. You have achieved a lot for our company and can now happily take your well-deserved retirement! Have fun!"

If you have spent a long time with your colleague and have come to love him as a friend, you can of course also write a longer and even more personal message or a poem. Before you write your congratulations on beautiful paper or even a lavishly self-made card, you should always pre-formulate the words on scratch paper.

Funny sayings about retirement: you should pay attention to this

Depending on the humor of your colleagues, you can include one or two jokes about retirement. However, you should always make sure that you phrase it in lovely words and warmly. Keep in mind that your colleague is sure to be happy to retire.

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Nevertheless, it will not always be easy for one or the other to say goodbye. That is why you can of course also invite the colleague who has left you to come back soon. He or she will gratefully accept the invitation and you and your team will certainly enjoy the visits.

"You never stop learning!" is a famous saying. A senior degree is exactly the right tip for all contemporaries who literally want to do it again in retirement "learn" want.

Tips for a happy retirement

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Senior studies: it’s never too late!

“Life begins at the age of 66 …” sounds a well-known hit by Udo Jürgens. There is something to this assertion, because today’s retirees are more active than ever before: The numbers of the “older semesters” skyrocket year after year in terms of travel, student drivers and students. Where the infamous “retirement age” used to be in the allotment garden after the age of 65, today’s generation of senior citizens is inquisitive and energetic as ever. (Tips against boredom in old age)

With a senior degree you can fulfill long-cherished dreams and, for example, finally learn a foreign language for which you have never found time in your professional life. Or you can deepen your knowledge in art history or political science. Courses of a creative nature are primarily offered by the local community colleges. The level of instruction is usually high and the groups small – accordingly, the first successes can be seen quickly even at an advanced age. Tip: leaf through the course catalog without obligation – maybe there is something for you too.

Universities allow guest students

Most state universities have so-called guest student programs. You can sit down and study with you without a university entrance qualification (Abitur) or enrollment in the university lectures of your choice. Before doing this, all you have to do is register with the university and pay a small fee. Tip: “Lifelong learning” begins with the attitude: where there is motivation, the path is not far.

Suddenly retiring can be a shock to the mind and body. Often the elderly are simply not adequately prepared for life as retirees. So that the new phase of life does not turn into a crisis, retirees need a good plan – and new friends.

Tips for a happy retirement

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"What are you doing here?" – "I live here." – "But not at this time." This scene from Loriots "Pappa ante Portas" is legendary. Which, as is so often the case with Vicco von Bülow, is because it is so true. Sure: not every working person is, like Heinrich Lohse, prematurely and surprisingly promoted from working life to retirement. Usually the last working day is set well in advance. Nevertheless, the question often arises: And now?

For some this question is pure horror, for others it is a great relief. "The question is, how do you get into retirement – are you exhausted or could you still go on?"says Ursula Staudinger, director of the Columbia Aging Center at Columbia University in New York. Because the pain of parting probably only suffers those who have enjoyed the work. Those who are happy that it is finally over often feel like they have been liberated – first of all. "But then there comes a phase in which the new freedom feels more like emptiness"says the aging researcher and professor of psychology.

Important: Don’t fall into a hole in retirement

Because often people over the age of 65 and after some time without a job do not realize how important the job actually was. "Work gives us structure, it gives us visibility, obligations, but ideally also meaning"says Staudinger. If all of this suddenly disappears, it initially leaves a hole. Many new retirees are now wondering: How do I fill this hole? And what happens if I fail?

Staudinger advises: It’s best not to let the hole appear in the first place. "I would always try not to go from 100 to 0", she says. Working people should not switch from the 40-hour week to retirement straight away, but rather step off gradually – if the employer plays along.

If that doesn’t work, the change doesn’t have to fail immediately. "Most of those who retire are doing the transition very well in my experience"says Prof. Ursula Müller-Werdan, medical director of the clinic for geriatrics and geriatric medicine at the Berlin Charité and the Evangelical Geriatric Center Berlin. But there is one requirement: "Those who have already made up a plan for the third stage of life often get along better."

Find new contacts

Many retirees have plenty of ideas for such plans: Some want to spend time with their grandchildren, others want to put the garden in order or travel, others want to volunteer.