We have felt the support of the fans and we have enjoyed together, which is what we want “”

We have felt the support of the fans and we have enjoyed together, which is what we want “”

A very different classic from last season, which the Blaugrana team resolved with a resounding 5-1. 12/18/2019

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Ernesto Valverde

Ernesto Valverde wanted to value the effort and play displayed by his footballers against Real Madrid, which during many phases of the game imposed its physical power.

The ‘Txingurri’ was very expressive when analyzing the difficulties that his team had to score a point: "The normal thing between Barça and Real Madrid is equality. They are a great team, very powerful, and it is normal that they make us suffer. What is not normal is that we score five and get 17 points from them in the League. I know it’s been many years, but it’s not normal".

In this sense, he pointed out that he foresees an even League until the last day: "The classification at the moment does not matter to me, because there is a lot left and the forecast is that it will be a very even League. Let’s see who holds out until the end"

Valverde clarified the replacement of Sergio Busquets, the great surprise in the eleven of Barça. "He was unwell, some fever. I thought I could use it during the game, but it was not clear to me to make such a significant change"explained the Barça coach, who qualified the previous explanations of his second, Jon Aspiazu.

The right hand of ‘Txingurri’ had ensured that Busquets was one hundred percent and that his replacement was exclusively by technical decision: "In the end it is a decision of the coach, of what he sees and how the players are. Not that he fell from a fever, but he had discomfort and it was better to reserve it in case it was necessary during the game".

The Barça coach did not want to confirm if Busquets would have been one of those chosen if he had not had a fever: "I don’t know if it would have been a starter".

Returning to the game, Valverde acknowledged the difficulties they had to overcome the pressure from Real Madrid: "It was a very difficult game, with an opponent who pushed us up high, making it difficult for us to get the ball out. With their physical power they have pushed us into the area and created problems for us".

However, the Barça coach believes that the Blaugrana superiority was fictitious: "Instability is generated, because we are not used to being put in the area, but I do not remember more Madrid occasions than a stop by Ter Stegen from Valverde’s shot and the ball that Piqué has taken. I think we have had more chances. That of Jordi Alba, the one that Sergio Ramos takes out of Messi. And, although not as many as we would have liked, some situations of equality each time we overcome their pressure".

Valverde recalled that "that’s how we beat them last year. When you overcome their pressure you gain confidence and last year we scored every time we achieved it".

Barça’s 1×1 against Real Madrid

Rakitic: "We lacked the last pass or the quality touch to score"

Regarding the demonstrations and protests before and during the match over the situation of exiles and political prisoners, the Barça coach limited himself to pointing out: "There has been a lot of media noise, but with a game with so much significance and so much tension you are only focused on the game. We have tried to normalize the game and, except for the moment when a few balls have fallen, I think everything has gone as normal".

As is tradition, the FC Barcelona coach, Ernesto Valverde, has made the balance of the year for ‘Barça TV’. The Blaugrana coach has valued the performance and successes achieved by the team, but has regretted some errors at specific times that have taken their toll.


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Ernesto Valverde

The defeats at Anfield, in the Champions League, or in the final of the Copa del Rey, against Valencia, left a bittersweet taste to the past season, relegating the league title to the background.

Valverde acknowledged that "I would have liked to win more titles", but he recalled the difficulty of signing up for LaLiga with the insulting ease that the team did.

"When you win the League with a big difference, it seems that it loses its flavor. It seems like it’s better to win at the last minute by one point, but we’re not going to make that wrong. We have won two leagues by far and it is a great success and we have enjoyed it throughout the year", reflected the ‘Txingurri’ who reiterated the message he launched a few days ago, after the 0-0 in the classic against Real Madrid: "The normal thing is that the classic is even and that we are all very close in the classification. The difficult thing is to make a victory over a victory".

The Blaugrana coach has also analyzed the difficult start to the season and pointed out that the defeats in the field of Granada or Levante should serve as a lesson. "We have had oversights that are penalizing us and we have to try to be finer at certain times, to avoid being scored two goals in two minutes", in clear reference to what happened at the Ciutat de Levante or last year at Anfield.

"Although he is not in shape, Messi is always in shape"

Logically, Messi’s name could not be missing from the interview. Valverde referred to his absence at the start of the season: "Outside the home we lacked his spark and his magic. A player who comes from not playing and not being able to do preseason, always has a hard time, but he has quickly connected and is already in shape. Even if he’s not in shape, he’s always in shape".

The Barça coach acknowledged that the tie against Naples will be special for Messi, as it is the club where the great idol of all Argentines, Diego Armando Maradona, triumphed: "Clearly it has a special connotation".

Valverde: "What happened to Dembélé was very cruel"

From Jong: "We don’t play bad but we have to improve"

Valverde took the opportunity to remember the difficulties that the confrontation entails: "Liverpool have played there for the last two years and have lost".

Arturo Vidal has been on the front page today with the opening of the winter transfer market. The Chilean midfielder has not managed to win the title in the year and a half he has been at Barça and is not entirely satisfied with being player number 12. His dissatisfaction is an open secret, hence several teams have been interested in his incorporation.


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Spain Supercup Arturo vidal Ernesto Valverde

Manchester United has him on their agenda, but the club that is putting the most effort in his signing is Inter. In fact, from Italy they assure that their representative, Fernando Felicevich, would be in Milan negotiating his contract with the Neroazurro club while Barça plays the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Barça has come out this week in the wake of the rumors, ensuring that the Chilean midfielder is non-transferable. More taking into account the departure of Carles Aleñá to Betis, which has reduced the number of troops in the center of the field.

Arturo Vidal has a contract until 2021 and his termination clause amounts to 300 million, so the negotiation with the Blaugrana club is mandatory.

In this sense, some have pointed out that the recent demand for amounts presented by the Chilean against Barça would be a way to pressure his departure.

Ernesto Valverde does not want to part with Arturo Vidal | VALENTÍ ENRICH

Ernesto Valverde spoke about all of this on Wednesday during the press conference prior to the semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup against Atlético. And he has done so in his usual line of keeping things on track. The ‘Txingurri’, like the Blaugrana dressing room, wants him to stay.

The Barça coach settled the issue taking the Chilean’s continuity for granted: "I speak with Arturo Vidal as with the others. He is with us and we do not have to think that he is going to go to another team. We are the most important and I count on him".

At the insistence of the media present, Valverde added: "Arturo plays with us and against Atlético he will be on the field, on the bench or nearby. We do not take into account players from other teams nor do we attend to other teams that are interested in ours.".

Chaos in Arabia when the driver who was carrying Busquets and Valverde lost

All the rotations that Ernesto Valverde can do at Barça-Atlético de la Supercopa

The ‘Txingurri’ did not want to confirm if Arturo Vidal would start after his decisive participation in the derby against Espanyol 1xbet streaming coming off the bench: "We’ll see if it starts from the start or leaves during the game. No clues".

Ivan Rakitic highlighted the good connection that existed between the stands and the team in FC Barcelona’s defeat of Eibar (5-0).


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Ivan Rakitic

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Rakitic: Whistles from the fans? We felt the love

The clash began with whistles and handkerchiefs towards the box, due to the crisis triggered this week in the board chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu for what is already known as ‘Barçagate’. The whistles turned to applause for the team as the ball began to roll.

Rakitic did not want to get into controversy, but pointed out that they like to have the support of the public: "People are free to say what they want. We have felt the support of the fans and we have enjoyed together, which is what we want".

Controversy aside, the Croatian midfielder defended Messi from the criticism received in recent weeks for his lack of success. "These last weeks he did not score, but he was very close, shooting ten and twelve times per game", reflected a Rakitic who highlighted the Argentine’s ability to resolve matches: "Even when he wants to give an assist, he scores – referring to 3-0-. It is important that it is fine, because it is important to us".